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Projektlaufzeit: 01.06.2019

myelination of major white matter tracts continues beyond childhood-combining tractography and myelin water imaging

Cooperation with: Erhan Genç, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Biopsychologie & Burkhard Mädler, Philips GmbH, Health Systems Department

Axonal myelination is a key white matter maturation process as it increases conduction velocity, synchrony, and reliability. While diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) is sensitive to myelination, it is also sensitive to unrelated microstructural properties, thus hindering straightforward interpretations. Myelin water imaging (MWI) provides a more reliable and direct in vivo measure of myelination. Although early histological studies show protracted myelination from childhood to adulthood, reliable tract-specific in vivo evidence from MWI is still lacking. Here, we combine MWI and DTI tractography to investigate myelination in middle childhood, late childhood, and adulthood in 18 major white matter tracts. In the vast majority of major white matter tracts, myelin water fraction continued to increase beyond late childhood. Our study provides first in vivo evidence for protracted myelination beyond late childhood.
Status: Data collection completed. Submitted. 

Projektteam: Meißner, Weigelt

Preprint at bioRxiv



Tobias Meißner, M.Sc.

Betreff: TRACULA